Epilepsy Foundation Walk!

This morning and early afternoon I took off to twist balloons at the Epilepsy Foundation walk at Artesani Park in Boston. I rode my bike, which when you have a 3-foot tall yellow and red Filbert Balloon Pump, gets you noticed. I definitely got some quizzical stares.
The weather was perfect for twisting, mid-70s, a light breeze and the kids were great. They set me up next to a table of face painters. I ended up twisting some classics – butterflies, octopi, giraffes, monkeys, dolphins – and some surprises – a swordfish, a purple and pink monkey and making one kid into a firefighter complete with a hose and 646 oxygen tank. The people from the Epilepsy Foundation were friendly and helpful. If you know someone that suffers from epilepsy, please feel free to check out their information and if you like to walk maybe head out there next year. It’s a fun event! They had music jammin the whole time, BBQ and Starbucks coffee … yum.


Balloon Dragon Hat! With Fire!

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This weekend I made a surprising number of balloon dragons. What could be better than a balloon dragon? Becoming a balloon dragon. Sadly, no one asked to become one … The design is similar to one in an old issue Balloon Magic. Have fun with it and be sure to try out some scary fun faces!

Cinco de Mayo! Whoa!

Wow, what a fun weekend.  Friday I twisted balloons for the Harvard Crimson Kids for a private party. They were a great fun group with a face painter and cotton candy machine and of course balloons.  Saturday (Cinco de Mayo) I just finished helping the Whole Foods in Providence, R.I. celebrate their 10th anniversary.  They had hula hoopers, crafts, a wacky drum corps / marching band, me making some balloons and all kinds of fun.  It was a great celebratory atmosphere and everyone was so warm and friendly.

Sunday will wrap the weekend up with some balloon twisting at Everwood Day Camp in Sharon.  Everwood’s a great place and has hired me a bunch of times in the past two years for their open houses.  If you’re on the South Shore and in the market for a summer camp definitely give Everwood a visit.  It’s located on picturesque Lake Massapoag.

Balloon Twisting in Cambridge for Shakespeare’s Birthday!

Saturday I was invited to head to Harvard Square and help the Actor’s Shakespeare Project celebrate the Bard’s Birthday.  It was a great party with a drum corps, dancers, face painters, costumes, Shakespearean insults, poetry, readings and of course, balloons.  I twisted some fun swords and a couple of Yorick skulls along with horses, pixies and all kinds of other creations.  Check out the links below to the Actor Shakespeare’s project and to Cambridge CCTV to learn more about the event.