Party (or parties) of the Summer (and a few observations on what made them awesome)!!

It’s a bit late and I’m just doing this informally, but our party of the summer goes to the New Hampshire family that hired us for a pirate / Peter Pan themed party.  Not only did I get to make some great balloons  – crocodile masks, pirate swords, pixies and a great box weave Captain Hook hook – the face painter had a great time adding some spectacular time making masks, eye patches, puppies among a host of things.  Also, the adults were completely on board with the dad sporting a pirate balloon hat, a golden earring and jolly roger print bandanna.  Actually, a lot of parents had bandannas and seemed to be getting into the party, which I think is key.  If the kids see you having fun, they have fun.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the entertainer or the host or guests.  Fun is infectious (in a good way).

My runner up party would have to go to the Castle Island (in Southie) party with the construction theme.  We collaborated and made some pretty sweet trucks for the kids to play with and take home.  Also the kids had a couple of great craft projects so there was plenty for them to do.  Also, I love an outdoor event with a breeze and some sunshine.  Finally, they ended it with cake and ice cream and singing happy birthday, which gave me a perfect time to quietly exit.

Both parties had lots of outdoor space on beautiful summer days (despite being very different locations – densely populated South Boston at a park and a North of Keene, NH back yard).  Both had great themes that weren’t overdone or worn out – yes one was Pirates, but it was Pirates and Peter Pan – and finally both had plenty of planning and some decorating to add little details to tie it all together.